Easy Way to Make Money Online in 2024 From Home

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Do you know that approximately 810 million websites use WordPress. WordPress has a 64.2% market share among other CMS. Over 500 new WordPress sites are made daily. Source: Zippia

Out of the figures listed above, your location is just a fraction.

Now what does this mean?

It means it is an opportunity for you to make money in wherever you are anywhere in the world. 

Most likely 10 people you know around you have a business website and that website was developed with the WordPress technology. Why not find out from people around you and take away the guess work!

Once the guess work has been taken away and you are certain that some people around you use WordPress, then offer to help them with something they usually don’t have a lot of time to do because of their busy schedule.

Guess what that thing is?

There are many things but in this post you will learn one that can you can really make money with.

The one thing you can really make money with and a lot of people are willing to pay for it is BLOG POST CONTENT WRITING.

A lot of companies and individuals need people who will help them write awesome content for their blog.

Don’t worry if you have never written a post, the resources below will help you learn the skill.



– Learn content marketing: Use this roadmap to learn how to develop content.
Click here to go roadmap

– WordPress content management: Use this guide to learn website design essentials and WordPress content management. 
Click here to go guide

– Basics of Canva: Use this guide to learn the essentials of Canva graphic design online application.
Click here to go guide

– Learn about how to get a domain name and hosting plan: Use this guide to learn the essentials of domain name and hosting space.
Click here to go guide

– Learn about how to setup a webmail: Use this guide to learn the essentials of setting up a webmail and how to manage the webmail.
Click here to go guide


How to get your first client

1. Offer the service for free: To few serious business website owners around you, to show them a sample of what you can offer, a few can be 5 to 10 people who will end up subscribing to your service monthly and for you, you’d be making re-occurring income depending on how much you are selling your service.

2. Freelance websites: Register on few freelance websites and start selling your service, but have it in mind you’d be competing with other freelancers, so make such you are truly ready to offer value to your potential customers and when they turn customers, do not stop offering them value so they they can always choose you over and over again.

3. Collaborate with website designers and developers: Having writing samples to show website designers and developers, will make you a good fit for their team and business and you will get to collect writing gigs even without marketing yourself or service because they are willing to take the job from their own clients and then give you the job to get it done based on an agreement between you will have with them.


In conclusion, content development and management is a high in-demand skill. use the resources above to learn the skill for free.

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