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Currency Converter Tool (Explained)

InsightWey created this web tool to enable the speedy conversion of an amount in any foreign currency (Xe Currency) to your country local currency.

This tool is of great value to tourists, freelancers, affiliate marketers, Individuals/Organizations who do business overseas or are involved in imports/exports, and to FX/Currency traders.

This tool will show you how much your money is worth in other currencies based on the current exchange rate. You can quickly and easily check conversion for over 160+ currencies, using this tool.

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1 Dollar (USD) to… ?

1 Dollar (USD) to EURO (EUR)… ?

1 EURO (EUR) to POUND (GBP)… ?

1 USD to NAIRA (NGN)… ?

1 USD to RUPEE (INR)… ?

In few seconds you’d get the answer to the questions above, no need for mathematics or brainstorming, just FOCUS on how to make more money while this tool does the conversion of the money equivalent to your local currency.


What is the procedure for using this currency converter?

All you need to do is simply type into the box (Amount) that you want to convert, then choose your source (From) and destination (To) currencies, and this tool will convert your currency at the mid-market rate (the one you’ll see on Google).